Let GRAVITY do the work! All the ash and heavier particles fall into the water before you inhale the smoke! Also, try one of our 11.5" Downstems or Vertical Ash Catchers to improve the smoke quality.

The Gravity Key LLC's Mission: To establish The Gravity Key as the Gold Standard among the improvised gravity smoking device market. We will achieve this goal by applying the highest standards of excellence in sourcing, processing, packaging, quality control, and distribution of our products. Our main focus is to emphasize Best Value in the form of premium quality, competitive pricing, and providing superior service to each one of our customers.



The Gravity Key, even with bowl attached, is small and portable making it easy to travel with. When you reach your destination, just buy a standard plastic bottle drink and away you go!

More Potent


The best gravity smoking pipe available, can also be made into a perfect waterfall water pipe, so that you can better enjoy your favorite pipe tobacco using another glorious method!


Considering that you don't need to buy expensive glass cleaners, you save a lot of money by switching out bottles after you have used it to your liking.

While most smoking devices require you to use a large portion of your lung capacity to just get the smoke to your mouth, The Gravity Key allows you to ensure a full lung capacity hit, amplifying the effects!

No toxins



The glass on glass features make for extremely quick performance and little down time between bowls. Since this process does not include having to unscrew the cap between uses, the motion is very simple and familiar.

Since The Gravity Key is made of high-temperature resistant silicone, you don't have to worry about inhaling any toxins given off by a heated bottle. The bottle attached never rises past room temperature! 

NO MORE SWAPPING SPIT!!! The Gravity Key's design allows all users to not share oral contact, through the process of smoking, because your mouth never touches the device!


The Gravity Key attaches to ANY standard screw cap plastic bottle and 18mm glass-on-glass bowl piece or accessory! You can order everything you need to make a perfect gravity device right here on our website, using the Store tab above.