It's the easiest smoking device to clean!

Cleaning The Gravity Key smoking pipe is very important to ensure proper usage and desired performance.

There is NO need for you to waste money on expensive cleaners! Just use rubbing alcohol from your local grocery or convenience store! I prefer to use 91% or higher isoprophy alcohol because it makes clean up extremely quick, but 70% works as well (use epsom salt for more scrubbing power!).

Pull apart the glass insert from the silicone cap, soak both pieces in rubbing alcohol, then with a q-tip or paper towel, scrub away the built up smoke particles from the inside top corner of the silicone cap, and around the inside and outside of the glass insert.

When putting The Gravity Key back together again, put the glass insert back into the silicone cap, and press down squarely on the cap with your thumbs while your pointer and middle fingers hold the caps bottom edge. You can also reassemble The Gravity Key by putting the silicone cap on a flat surface (a table top), putting the glass insert into the silicone cap, then pressing down on the top of the glass insert, forcing the glass insert to sit tightly into the silicone cap, causing a friction seal.

As for the plastic bottle, when it gets dirty....just get a new one! Please recycle!